Safe Work Method Statement - Power Tool Use



Product Description

This Safe Work Method Statement outlines the general requirements to undertake Power Tool activities in a safe and structured manner. Power Tools include but are not limited to Electric Powered Tools, Pneumatic  Tools, Fuel Powered Tools, Hydraulic Power Tools, Abrasive Wheels and Tools and Jacks.

Job steps include pre-planning, training / competency, equipment, emergency response, specific job steps, monitoring, completion of task and demobilisation from work area.

This Safe Work Method Statement utilises the AllSafety Risk Matrix and all activities are risk assessed based on the inherent and residual risk model.

This Safe Work Method Statements provides a basic outline of activity, potential hazards and recommended controls with provision to include activity specific requirements and personnel who are responsible for the review, approval and monitoring aspects of the activity.

Pages: 9 (1 x cover page, 1 x risk matrix and criteria, 6 x activity breakdown, 1 x sign on sheet)