Working in construction, mining or oil and gas is a risky business.  The rewards can be high, but so is the intensity needed to remain vigilant about your safety culture.

Safety is not just a matter of compliance. It is a culture of awareness that must be developed and it’s not achieved overnight. It takes constant, deliberate efforts – day after day, year after year to build and sustain incident-free performance over time.

AllSafety provides a totally integrated service that covers every aspect of health and safety from workplace inspections, training and inductions to provision of on-site personnel and emergency/contingency planning.  Our team truly believes that incidents are preventable, and we have systems, processes and tools in place to assist you in making your workplace safer. With over 15 years experience in mining and construction, all members of All Safety’s team are knowledgeable and recognised in their fields and are motivated to provide their professional advice on any challenge.

Our clients call on us because of our proven commitment to preserving and protecting their most important asset: their people.