Manual – Safety Management System
Manual – Safety Management System

Manual – Safety Management System




The purpose of this Manual is to define and describe an overview of a Safety Management System (SMS)

The SMS describes all the necessary elements of a management system, such as:
• Safety Policy
• Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Controls
• Legal and Other Requirements
• Objectives, Targets and Programmes
• Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities
• Competence, Training, and Awareness
• Communication
• Participation, and Consultation
• Documentation
• Control of Documents
• Operational Control
• Emergency Preparedness and Response
• Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, and Evaluation
• Incidents, Nonconformity, Corrective and Preventive Action
• Control of Records
• Internal Audits
• Management Review

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Pages:     22

Manual - Safety Management System